SNAG Golf Training

SNAG Golf Training

SABIS® SUN, with the help of The Golf Academy, introduced a 4-week Starting New at Golf (SNAG) program for students to learn the fundamentals of golfing. Beginning on November 15, 2015 all students at the school spent their SLO® period with professional golf coaches learning about the sport.


The SNAG program aims to teach students the fundamentals of golf including how to use the equipment, how to put a golf ball, posture, and how to hold a golf club. The session also touches on the rules of the game and the importance of concentration throughout.


By all accounts, the students really enjoyed the SNAG program and were excited to attend. It was interesting for them to learn about a new sport that required a lot of concentration and composure.  

SABIS® SUN International School — Baku, Azerbaijan

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