SLTC Training Camp

SLTC Training Camp

Sponsored by SABIS®, the Student Life Training Camp is a yearly event that brings together students from all over the SABIS® Network for an experience that blends learning, personal development, and fun. The goal of the Student Life Training Camp is to equip student leaders with important life skills that in turn they can pass on to other students with the aim of improving their schools’ SABIS Student life Organization®.

The Student Life Training Camp’s program includes many exciting activities:

  • Student Life Sessions: These include strategic meetings and discussions to improve the school’s Student Life program, as well as brainstorming sessions to come up with new and exciting ideas that can be implemented in all schools.
  • General Training: Specific leadership training, team building training, the 7 habits of highly effective teens training, as well as positive attitude training are the focus of the training camp. An open, inquisitive mind and a willingness to learn during the camp are needed.
  • Fun Outings: An exploration of all that the great country of Greece has to offer is on the camp’s agenda.

Two of our prefects were selected to participate in the camp. They participated in team building activities, visited different sights in Athens, and attended different sessions which had a great impact on their self-growth.  Students did community service with other schools from the same region, visited cancer hospital kids, and enjoyed this chance to socialize and make new friends with prefects from around the network, which helped them adopt new ideas at the SLO® in their own school.

SABIS® SUN International School — Baku, Azerbaijan

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