SABIS® SUN Teaches Students Importance of Community Service

SABIS® SUN Teaches Students Importance of Community Service

On December 12, 2016, students at SABIS® SUN visited a local orphanage where they donated items they had collected and bought for the children.

Before their visit, the SLO®’s Social Responsibility Department held many community service activities at the school in preparation of their visit. First, a drive for books, toys, and clothes for a local orphanage in November was organized. Money was also raised for the orphanage through bake sales. The money was used to buy necessities for the children at the orphanage.

The SLO®’s Social Responsibility Department prefects, with the help of students, separated the donated items according to age and size. Parents also prepared accessories made of colorful beads and pearls for girls in the orphanage.

After everything was packed, students visited the orphanage and met the children. During their visit the students sat with the orphans, made new year cards, and distributed presents to them. Upon their return, students were in awe of what they had seen and were very glad that they could bring a smile to the faces of the children.

Students SABIS® SUN were taught the importance of being proactive and selfless by participating in community service activities at the school, at home, and in their communities.

SABIS® SUN International School — Baku, Azerbaijan

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