Grades 5-8 at SABIS® SUN Enjoy Spelling Bee Competition

Grades 5-8 at SABIS® SUN Enjoy Spelling Bee Competition

Students in grades 5-8 at SABIS® Sun International School (SABIS® SUN), a SABIS® Network school, participated in a Spelling Bee competition on January 23, 2016.

Students were given the list of words ahead of time to prepare for the competition. During the activity, each student came to the board and spelled the word they were asked to in front of their friends, parents, as well as their teachers who were judges at the event. Winners of the Spelling Bee took home certificates to keep as a memory of their hard work.

The purpose of the activity was to reinforce students’ spelling skills and encourage healthy competition amongst them in an enjoyable way. The students were excited to participate and found the game challenging and interesting.

SABIS® SUN International School — Baku, Azerbaijan

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